Best video playing apps for android 2018

Android is a mobile-based operating system created by Google which is based on Linux kernel originally designed for touch devices but can run laptops, macs, and pc too in the form of remix os, phoenix os, and android x86. Android has over 50 billion apps on google play store and 40% or more apps are developed by pro developers. In-This review I am going to review best Android video playing apps for the year 2018. Android comes with pre-built in video player which is essential for playing video and movies watching. Default video player does not support all types of video formats there are other gratis and non-free video players on Google-play store market that works well on other formats like .mkv, .avi, .flv, .vob etc.
Watching the stored video on your Android device memory may be a difficult task if you do not have a decent video player application. There are plenty of codecs out there and not each video support/player will play all of them. You wouldn't be the first one to experience an error codec not supported. you might be going to choose up another app in order to play all of your videos. Thankfully, there are many really good video playing applications out there so let's inspect the best video players for android! the top three of my choice are explained below.


MX player Max player is the third-party non free media player for Android devices for general purpose video playing it comes with support for different video formats for example- 3gp, AVI, DivX, f4v, FLV, MKV, mp4, MPEG, MOV, VOB, WMV, WebM, XviD, and much many more. It also supports keyboard shortcuts and touch gestures, for instance, you can drag zoom crop and play/pause videos it have two kind of decoding options hardware and software which help in better smooth video experience on Android devices and remix os The only feature I didn't like in this media player is the advertisements in its free version.

Top Features:

Network streaming, Hardware acceleration, Subtitle support, Gesture support, Kids lock and Multi plugins.

Bs player

Bs player is my alternative choice of MX player on Android devices it comes with ease of use and creates the playlist for all playable media. Bs free version is advertisements supported I prefer paid version for use. BSPlayer is older than most video player apps and has kept going to be one of the best among others. It features hardware decoding and hardware accelerated video play, and support network streaming. it also supports subtitle and gestures The free version is advertisement supported but has all of the features included without restriction. There are also additional plugins available for even better video codec support.

Top Features:

Network streaming, Hardware acceleration, Subtitle support, Gesture support, Kids lock and Multi plugins.

VLC player

VLC is the open source free media player for all devices you own. It is very popular media player on PC, Linux and OS x. VLC is now available on Android devices if you do not want to purchase above media players you can use VLC instead of them for free. VLC has created its reputation as one of the must-have video player apps for android. It has tons of unique features, including the ability to stream videos from URL. It also has all of its codecs built-in without the requirement for extra plugins downloads. it supports multi-track audio and more.

Top Features:

Network streaming, Hardware acceleration, Subtitle support, Gesture support, Kids lock and  Multi plugins.

Wrap up

From above review, I recommend Mx player for your daily use it has great features and if you do not want to purchase the paid app you can use VLC media player instead Mx.

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